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Who is Kate?

I'm a



My mission has always been to create an environment of inclusivity, compassion, and understanding for those who need it.


I have a wide range of experience and training, including a Diploma of Counselling (ACAP, 2018), an Undergraduate Certificate in Creative Arts & Health (Art Therapist) (UTAS, 2023), and several tertiary degrees in counselling practices and disciplines. I also work as an Ethics Teacher for the NSW Department of Education (Grade 4).

My lived experience of Autism and depression helps me to provide an empathetic and understanding approach and outlook on life.

Single mum

Non-binary person





Where does the name "STAY U" come from?

STAY U takes the philosophy and ideals of a society of acceptance, understanding and empowerment, and makes it accessible to everyone.  Simply put, to be (or stay) yourself.

They say that music is the universal language. In every culture, country, and background, you will find music. It is important across the globe and has the potential to bring people together in peace and harmony.

One style of music draws influence from a range of genres, including pop, experimental, rock, hip-hop, R&B, electronic, and dance.  It is a distinctive blend of addictive melodies, coupled with slick choreography and stagecraft.  It is known as K-pop.

Each group or band has their own unique qualities and talents, but the values of this subculture are what make them stand out the most in the music industry.  Unlike a lot of current Western artists, Korean pop artists (or "idols" as they are known) and their music does not highlight sex, drugs and statements of miscontent.  Instead, it focuses on positivity, fellowship, love, finding our own identity, and working hard to achieve your goals.

One such group has helped me through some very tough times.  Stray Kids - an 8-member (formerly 9) boy group comprising of Australian-Korean and South Korean artists - came into my life at a time of great inner turmoil. I was questioning my life decisions and felt like I had no route of escape. Stray Kids music was fun and upbeat, and not only helped to lift my mood but made me laugh at a time when I did a lot of crying. Their songs are known for their meaningful and introspective lyrics:


"Hellevator" talks about the struggles of climbing the ladder of success; "My Pace" encourages listeners to take control of their lives and go at their own pace; "Voices" addresses mental health and the importance of seeking help; and "God's Menu" uses cooking as a metaphor for the group's unique style and approach to music.


Their dedicated fan base are known as "Stay" and are a close-knit community who support each other as much as they support their "boys", Stray Kids.  On the surface, "Stay" is a simply cute wordplay - meaning that the fans are the reason why and where Stray Kids can stay - hence the slogan: "You make Stray Kids STAY".  At its core, however, Stray Kids’ ideal of freedom is for everyone to live their life at their own pace, on their own path. They believe that we (as people) should not strive to live up to the expectations of others, and that comparing yourself to another person limits your true potential.  They feel that letting yourself be held back by society’s norms is what prevents you from finding your freedom.

"Happiness comes in all shapes and sizes.  You deserve to find happiness and to be confident in yourself and your identity.  The sun is hot and you can see it brightly everywhere you look.  Even if you give that warm energy to those around you, you need to make sure your inner sun shines brightest. Even if you're not confident now, we can find it together" - Felix Lee, Stray Kids (2023)

"You know, whenever there's a chance
I will tell you that you're amazing as you are
'Cause when you give me a glance
I am sure that I see the universe in your eyes

Don't you ever tell yourself that you're not enough
I am certain that you're truly fine
You are a miracle, miracle
You are Youtiful"

Lyrics from "Youtiful" (2021)

SOURCE: Stray Kids - Youtiful Lyrics (English & Romanized) (


Photograph courtesy of JYP Entertainment.  Visit:

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